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The house is no longer a one-storey bachelor pad. Now it’s a stunning modern two-storey home for himself, his wife Vanessa and their two daughters with a third on the way…

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Adding an additional storey to your house is a great way to expand your home’s parameters and add some more space without affecting your neighbours or garden. At DGS we have lots of experience building extensions and additions onto existing residential homes while seamlessly matching the home’s design. Our team prides themselves on their communication skills and commitment to quality with every project when it comes to delivering exactly what you want.  

Why Add a Second storey Addition? 

There’s a lot of reasons to consider a first-floor addition. You may consider an additional storey if: 

-Your family is growing 

-You work from home and require a home office

-You want to add value to your home

-You want a cost-effective space solution 

Second storey extensions can be priceless if you don’t want to move. All around the Hunter region real estate is becoming more expensive and expanding or moving is becoming increasingly more difficult. Adding an additional storey can be surprisingly cost-effective compared to moving costs and other home renovation projects. Building on top of existing structures can reduce construction costs and will match the rest of your home seamlessly. It may also add value to the property as it can potentially double the square footage and transform your old home. 

We are specialists in second storey additions and our team is very experienced working with a variety of small, medium, and large-sized properties. Our team also prides itself on our efficiency and dedication to minimising the impact of renovations on your family. Faster turnovers mean more time to enjoy the new space with your family. No matter the shape of the block or design of the second storey addition, DGS are here to help your dreams become a reality. 

How much is a second storey addition?

Second Storey additions are undoubtedly cheaper than most kinds of renovations or new house builds, but the price can vary greatly depending on a lot of factors. These variables can include the cost and level of quality for materials, the amount of tradespeople required, council fees, engineers reports, the amount of work and rooms required, and a variety of other components that can change from house to house. 

Our team can help you with pricing and costs. Contact us today.

How long does it take to add a level?

Similarly, the amount of time to build a second storey addition can vary depending on a variety of different factors. The size of your home and the number of rooms required for the build may affect the time taken. Additionally, materials can take a few time to source and order in. 

 Adding a second storey is generally far less disruptive than other remodels or extensions. At DGS we are committed to working efficiently and getting your family back into your dream home as soon as possible.

Can you add a 2nd storey to an existing house?

In almost all cases the answer will be yes. However, there are a few factors that should be considered:

-How is the structural integrity of the existing house?

-Can the home support staircases?

-Will the second storey addition comply with local building regulations?

-Is there council approval?

Each house is unique and may require consultation with DGS before building begins. 

Is it cheaper to build a second storey or an addition?

A second storey addition can be cheaper than a ground floor addition or extension. With any renovation, it is important to consider the client’s desires and balance them with the budget. DGS can discuss the available options with you and offer alternative solutions or possible compromises considering your budget and design plans. 

If you need help or advice for your second storey addition or have any questions about the costs contact the team at DGS today.

Why work with DGS?

At DGS we are passionate about delivering the best quality workmanship and producing outstanding home renovations for all our customers. Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in the construction and building industries and we bring that cumulative wealth of knowledge and understanding to every project. 

Before undertaking a new project our team will discuss the process with you and ensure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to meeting your building requirements. Communication is key when starting a new home renovation and we work with you to design your dream second storey addition. At DGS we are also fortunate to have developed lots of close working relationships with tradespeople and suppliers over the years and that results in affordable and high-quality work.

The DGS team has worked with lots of families to design and build second storey additions. Our record of second storey addition before and afters is impeccable and all our clients have been ecstatic with the results. Many clients have said that “adding a level to my home was the best decision I could’ve made.”

What can you expect?

As a leading builder of second storey additions in the Hunter area, we understand how important it is that the process is straightforward and quick. We value every customer and understand the importance of their time and taste. There is nothing more important to us than our customer’s satisfaction. The building process can be different for everyone but it will generally follow these steps: 

1. Initial consultation 
During the initial consultation, we can discuss what kind of modular second storey addition you would like and see if that’s possible based on the size of your house, the foundations, and current structural integrity of the property. 

2. Planning and Design 

In this phase, our team will design possible first floor extensions with you and discuss which requirements you have, i.e. a study, extra bedrooms, kitchen, etc. We also organise how we will restructure the plumbing and electricals too. 

3. Materials 

During this step, our team will use our industry connections and resources to source the best quality and most affordable materials for the project. 

4. Construction

In the construction phase, our elite team of builders and tradespeople will endeavour to initially remove the roof tiles, timbers, and eventually the roof itself. After that, we install new joists, frames, floors, timbers, and everything else required.  

5. Final installations 

During the final leg of construction we ensure that all the finishing touches are complete including gutters installed and all the windows are in. We consult with you to discuss if any alterations need to be made. 

If a second storey addition sounds like something you might be interested in or you have more questions about the process, then give the team at DGS Project and Development a call or email. We can discuss possible renovation choices and finance options for your dream home project. 

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