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As one of Newcastle’s leading building companies, we can transform your residential space to exceed your expectations.

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Backed by a wealth of experience garnered from years in the commercial building industry

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Since then, he’s done substantial renovations and brought in his family.

The house is no longer a one-storey bachelor pad. Now it’s a stunning modern two-storey home for himself, his wife Vanessa and their two daughters with a third on the way…

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Custom Garage and Shed Builders

Do you need a high-quality Australian made shed or garage from some of the best garage builders in Newcastle? Look no further than DGS Projects & Development. DGS Projects & Development are the real deal when it comes to finding the best custom garage builders in and around Newcastle.

With years of experience in the custom garage and shed building industry, DGS Projects & Development will provide you with the good ole fashioned professional but friendly service which a shed buyer deserves, which you deserve.

High-Quality Custom Garage Builders Near You

For high-quality service and premium products at a competitive price, look no further. When you’re finished with DGS Projects & Development, you’ll be saying, “the garage conversion builders near me are the best in the business!” So if you are looking for double garage builders, brick garage builders, metal garage builders or even custom garage builders, DGS Projects & Development can cater to your needs.

DGS Projects & Development offer a wide range of sheds and garages to build for a range of functions whether commercial, residential or rural:

  • Residential Garages
  • Farm sheds
  • Carports
  • Skillion roof garages
  • Horse Stables
  • Tack rooms
  • Hay garage
  • Storage garage
  • Garaports
  • And Many More!

As one of Newcastle’s most professional and renowned custom garage and shed builders, we can build any form or type of shed or garage you require. But if you just want a garage or shed made without the hassle of having to design it yourself, leave it to us, and we’ll have a high-quality, well-functioning shed or garage for your needs in no time at all!

Customise your Newcastle Shed

When it comes to investing in a shed or garage, we all want perfection, and that’s precisely what you’ll receive when you purchase with DGS Projects & Development. Our highly qualified custom garage builders are more than capable of building a new garage construction from custom designs. Your needs are our top priority, so if you need the best garage contractors in Newcastle capable of implementing any garage or shed design for you, DGS Projects & Development will have you covered.


DGS Projects & Development offers choice. As a result, no matter what kind of garage building you’re searching for, we have the perfect combination of specifications, sizes, and colours – with superb features, built sturdy and rigid, to withstand all the Aussie weather conditions. 

DGS Projects & Development are expert garage contractors when it comes to custom garage solutions and offers many extra features, for example:

  • Range of door options
  • Range of screens and windows
  • Chain-pulled, electric, or manual roller doors
  • A range of heat reduction and airflow solutions
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Skylight roof sheets
  • Cantilever awnings
  • Extended eaves

More than Just a Garage or Shed

The Aussie Garage – it’s a legend in its own right, and it offers so much more than just a place to park your car or store your gear. For many, this iconic Aussie building is a space where unforgettable memories are made! It’s where you can connect with your kids, complete work on your favourite project, where tools are kept, and sentimental treasures are stored. And sometimes your custom garage might be a place to have a few drinks with your mates.

Whether you need a detached garage builder, brick garage builders, metal garage builders or custom garage builders, DGS Projects & Development are capable of bringing your perfect garage dream into reality. A custom garage holds more sentimental value too, and we recognise this in our work paying attention to every detail. 

Your Custom Garage is Our Custom Garage

If you can dream it, we can build it! We understand that in most cases, our customers have their own particular shed or garage design in mind, not a standard one. That’s why we offer you a fully customised solution.

So if you’re looking for the best custom garage builders in and around Newcastle, look no further than DGS Projects & Development, and we’ll have your custom garage or shed up and standing in no time. Just send us a message form of enquiry, and you’ll have the best new garage construction builders on your doorstep in no time! 

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