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Decking & Pergola Building Specialists

A deck or pergola always tells a story. They aren’t just stationary planks of wood doing nothing – they facilitate, accommodate and afford memories and entertainment for not only you and your family but guests and dignitaries as well. One weekend a deck can be the battleground for a water world siege by the pool with your kids, and the next it could be the prime location to impress a business associate or invite friends over for a couple of beers. It’s not just a deck; it’s an environment in itself. And we encourage you to build it right. At DGS Projects & Development, we’re the deck contractors you deserve.

As professional deck builders, we know what it takes to deliver a deck of the highest quality whilst offering affordable prices and guaranteeing your satisfaction. We want your deck to tell the best story it can and to do that you need the best wood deck builders in Newcastle.

What Will You Use Your Deck For?

Your timber deck may just be an excellent spot for you to lie down in the sun and get your daily dose of Vitamin D, or it could serve as an area for you to entertain and dine with your friends and family for a birthday, Christmas or even a wedding. You may also wish to have a professionally built deck for your pool area instead of using bare concrete – give your backyard the final touch.

Whatever your reason, we are your first point of call for backyard deck builders or porch builders in Newcastle. We’ve had years of experience building decks of all shapes and sizes and can accommodate for any of your requirements. We want you to be sun-baking and entertaining not only as soon as possible, but on the finest quality deck that you’ll be proud to call your own. 

Benefits of a Timber Deck

  1. Larger living space – Decks can serve as an excellent way for you to spread out your living area and significantly increase the entertainment space of your home.
  2. Increase Value – Whether you are looking to sell or not, building a deck will drastically increase the value of your home as it makes it more aesthetically pleasing and more attractive to potential buyers in the future.
  3. Relaxing Lifestyle – A deck offers the sense that you’re already on holiday, in your own backyard! With the right deck installers from DGS Projects & Development, your deck will provide you with a completely different, relaxing and more enjoyable lifestyle so much so you’ll never want to go on vacation again!
  4. Creates Flow – A deck is a perfect medium between your inside and outside living spaces. Not only are our decks highly weather-resistant, but they are also accommodating for substantial wear and tear that creates a seamless transition between your house and backyard spaces. 

Pergola Builders Too!

As your expert local pergola builders, we take no short cuts in making sure we deliver superb pergolas for your space. A pergola is a beautiful way to accentuate its surroundings, whether it be in your front yard, backyard or on your large acreage. We make no mistake is creating your perfect pergola, and when we’re finished, you’ll be saying “the pergola builders near me are brilliant!” 

What Style Of Pergola Do You Need?

Whether it be a small pergola in your backyard to sit and have a cup of tea in with your best friend or building on the side of a cliff to create that ‘wow’ factor for your property, at DGS Projects & Development we can make it happen. 

Applying our unique expertise and professionalism to your pergola project, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the result. You won’t be able to stop using the pergola it’ll be that accommodating. 

“The pergola builders in my area are the best!” – that’s what you’ll be saying when your mates ask you about your pergola. 

For all your decking & pergola building needs, call DGS Projects & Development today, and we’ll be building your deck or pergola in no time.

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